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Brand: D.light Model: D180
Upgrade to a modern lifestyle with the d.light D180. This modern, efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, - mobile-charging battery pack, - 3 solar bulbs and 1 tube - 3 light switches, - a torch, - FM radio...
Model: 1080P
Key Features·         6.5" touch screen·         USB - maximize hands free connectivity to any USB device, ·         Bluetooth-call your colleagues without holding your phone but rather through Bluetooth wireless connection to your phone.·         You can as well connect reverse cameras and view on your screen while parking..
Brand: Pioneer Model: AVH-295BT
Bluetooth - Maximise connectivity for hands-free calling and easy wireless audio streaming Made for iPod/ iPhone iPod and iPhone Direct Control, you can manage your i-device directly from your car dashboard and enjoy superior sound. Karaoke - Just connect a microphone (sold separately), into the Aux-In of a compatible Pioneer stereo, and the user can mix their voice with a compatible audio source from USB or Bluetooth wireless audio. USB Input Connect any device with an USB interface cable to charge your device or listen to clean, clear sound FM full range: catch all radio stations available in Uganda..
Brand: Sony Model: Sony Xplode CDX-G1201U
SONY car radio FM full range ( plays all channels) Bluetooth tech USB port DVD/CD/MP3 player..
Brand: Sony Model: CDX-G1201U
FM- Full Range Car Radio with USB Port and Bluetooth – BlackKey Features·         Original SONY car radio·         FM full range ( plays all channels)·         Bluetooth tech·         USB port·         DVD/CD/MP3 player..
Brand: D.light Model: X1000
Comes with;24-inch Full HD Television40watts solar panelFM radioBattery5 light bulbs and 1 light tube each with an independent switch3 modes of lightingtorch3 phone chargers2 years warranty..
Brand: D.light Model: X850
Comes with; 19-inch Full HD Television 40watts solar panel FM radioBattery 5 light bulbs and 1 light tube each with an independent switch3 modes of lightingtorch 3 phone chargers2 years warranty..
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